Ban on Single Use Plastic Carry Out Bags

On June 14, 2016, Kennebunk residents voted in favor of an ordinance banning single-use plastic carry out bags. This ban takes effect on October 14, 2016. As of that date “No single-use plastic carry-out bag shall be distributed, either with or without charge, to a Customer, at any Retail Establishment located in the Town of Kennebunk.”

The intent of this ordinance is not to facilitate a shift to paper bags, but to encourage shoppers to switch to reusable bags.

Please note that single-use plastic bags without handles, such as those used for dry cleaning, newspapers, wet items, and to protect produce, meat, seafood, and other bulk foods from damage or contaminating other items are permissible under this ordinance.

If you are not already in the habit of doing so, the Kennebunk Energy Efficiency Committee encourages you to help the environment by bringing your own reusable bags to retail establishments.

Information for Kennebunk Retailers

View the following information regarding the Ban on Plastic Bags
Informational Flyer
New Ordinance, effective 10/14/16
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