Climate Action Planning

In 2022, the Town of Kennebunk began working together in a four town cohort including Kennebunkport, Kittery and Biddeford, along with Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission to create a local Climate Action Plan for our community. 

Resource and planning documents have been developed and are being used in combination with a public outreach and engagement effort to identify priority areas, develop goals, policies and strategies to address these priorities that are supported by the residents of Kennebunk. 

Climate Action Plan Planning Documents: 
  1. Climate Change Impacts in Southern Maine: A Regional Summary
  2. Kennebunk Vulnerability Assessment - Draft
  3. Green House Gas Emissions Summary for Kennebunk
  4. Municipal Green House Gas Inventory for Kennebunk
This report summarizes the anticipated climate change impacts on southern Maine communities. It is intended to help local communities develop their Climate Action Plans and inform the public about the possible effects of climate change in the region. 

Climate Action Plan Task Force

A Climate Action Plan Task Force has been formed by the Kennebunk Select Board, consisting of various stakeholders and staff, who will serve as the lead for the Climate Action Plan process and plan development. 

Task Force members will work together with a public engagement consultant to involve the community and garner support, provide input on the selection of adaptation and mitigation measures, develop goals for the Town’s Climate Action Plan and serve as a liaison to Kennebunk’s Select Board throughout this process.

This effort will allow the community to budget future funds and access funding through grants to support our climate goals and build our local economy in a sustainable way that improves community health and livability. This plan will be consistent with the State of Maine's priorities and will allow us to do our part to meet state and national emission reduction and resiliency targets. Climate change is happening and will affect us all, but we as a community have the power to come together and minimize the impact in ways that benefit all of us.