E-911 Street Naming and Addressing

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The Town of Kennebunk is committed to providing its residents with reliable and expedited emergency service. In support of that, the Town passed an ordinance in June of 1996 (since amended in June, 2011) with the following stated purpose:

"The purpose of this ordinance (Street Addressing Ordinance) is to enhance the easy and rapid location of properties for the delivery of public safety and emergency response, postal delivery and business delivery."

The ordinance is administered by the E-911 Addressing Officer with assistance from Fire and Police personnel as well as other town staff. All street numbers, as well as all road names for public and private ways, must be approved through this office. There are no other entities (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, Google, Mapquest, GPS providers, individual property owners, etc.) that are authorized to administer this ordinance. Should you have issues with information provided by these entities, please contact them directly.

****Due to the volume of requests for map/lot numbers and street addresses, please expect a 10-14 working day processing period. If the application's are incomplete (i.e. street name application is not compromised of 3 distinct names, or address / map lot application does not indicate location of the proposed dwelling), further delay in issuance will occur ****