Washington Hose Company

Washington Hose Company is located at 159 Port Road

Washington Hose Company est. 1869
Nickname "The Hose"
Slogan:"We do more than house calls."

Where the station sits now was once where a school sat for the area. When the school was no longer needed, the property became the new home for the fire company. It was moved there from its first location around the corner towards Dock Square where the current HB Provisions parking lot is now. It is said that the property was given to the fire company by the teachers from that school and that their social organization, the Mother's Club. The Mother’s Club still meet there on Wednesdays.

The Washington Hose Company association is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aids the fire department in fundraising for scholarships and needed equipment and training. The company does various fundraising throughout the year including Christmas Prelude blueberry pancake breakfast and a lobster dinner every year. The station is a corner stone of Lower Village. It is known for its dedicated membership and long traditional of aiding and protecting the community.

Besides being the primary fire protection for the residents living in the Lower Village of Kennebunk, Washington Hose Company is the home of Kennebunk Fire Rescue's water operations. It houses the jet-ski and other water rescue gear used for not only beach operations but also inland waterways. We are equipped for ice water rescue, swift water, beach rescue and we have aided in off shore operations with the Coast Guard. It is the summer home base of the Lifeguards seen on our beaches. Mutual aid is offered to Kennebunkport for water rescue aid, forestry fire operations and structural response.

The station houses the following:
  • Our antique 1935 Ford pumper built at Coopers Corner garage.
  • We have a new addition as of 2012 in the form of a Ford 350 Super Duty Brush truck. It will be comprised of a 300 gallon (Triple M) poly tank and diesel fire pump with assorted forestry tools and gear. The truck will respond to woods fires as well as motor vehicle accidents for traffic control in the district. During the winter, the truck is set up for foul weather response and ice water rescue. The truck can also tow the jet ski or special operations trailer.
  • The center bay of the station is filled with Engine 3; a 1997 Pierce Class A with a 1500 gpm pump and 1000 gallons of water and foam capabilities. It is the only engine in the district and therefore has been setup to be as self-sufficient as possible. The engine carries all the necessary engine company equipment in addition to specialized gear for its first due area. There is additional water rescue equipment on board as well as a stokes basket for patient removal from the beach or rocky areas. It is the only apparatus that has a line gun used to fire rope out to a victim or over a span as a guild wire. There is additional rope hardware to aid in these efforts. We even have 2 1/2" hose high rise packs for our larger buildings in town including the Narragansett and Lafayette buildings. The truck has been set up to be as multi-functional as possible. Hence the slogan.