When is a guardrail required?
Porches, balconies, or raised floor surfaces, open sides of stairs located more than 30” above the floor or grade.

Residential: In one and two-family dwelling, guardrails shall not be less than 36” in height for porches, balconies, or raised floor surfaces, and open sides of stairs 34” minimum measured vertically from the nosing of the treads. If guardrails are also going to be used as handrails, see handrail section.

Commercial: In most other uses, guardrails should be at least 42” in height measured vertically above the leading edge of the tread or adjacent walking surface.

Open guards shall have balusters or other construction such that a sphere with a diameter of 4” cannot pass through any opening.

Exception: The triangular openings formed by the riser, tread at the bottom rail at the open side of a stairway shall be of a maximum size such that a sphere 6” in diameter cannot pass through the opening.

Handrails must be installed at least one side of each continous run of treads or flight with 4 or more risers. Also installed at between 34"-38" in height.

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