What do I need to consider if I am out of work for more than 3 days due to illness or non-work related injury?

When out of work for more than 3 days, employees should think about Family Medical Leave and Income Protection. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is unpaid leave for eligible employees for up to 12 weeks per 12 month period, for one or more qualifying events. These qualifying events are included in the Town’s FMLA Policy which is linked under "Other Resources" on the intranet and included in the Personnel Policy/Employee Handbook. The Town requires employees use their accrued sick time while on leave. If you  run out of sick time, you would then use accrued comp/personal/wellness time or request to use vacation time. If employees know they will be out for over 3 days and meet one or more of the qualifying events, they should complete an FMLA Employee Request Form (linked under Other Forms) and send it to HR. If you know you need to be out of work for more than 3 days for a qualifying FMLA reason, please complete the request form as far in advance as possible (preferably 30 days in advance but unplanned absences will be accepted when they occur). HR will help the employee through the process which may include income protection.

Income protection is a benefit offered to full-time employees when they are first hired with the Town, and they can enroll in 40%, 55% or 70% plan options. If an employee is disabled short-term, from a non-work related illness/injury, they may be eligible to receive benefits. Benefits begin the first day of an accident or on the 8th day of an illness. Income protection can be coupled with FMLA. See the summary linked under "Benefits Information".

HR is happy to assess individual situations and guide employees through the process.

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