Knox Box Program

Knox Box Program

A Knox Box is a small key vault that is part of a secure access control system allowing first responders the quick, non-destructive access to your home or business during an emergency.  Only first responders can access this vault by using unique key that requires a personal identification code and a time stamp.

Installation Requirements

By Town of Kennebunk Ordinance (Section 3-3-11), a Knox Box shall be installed in an accessible location on buildings and structures when:

    Building is equipped with a monitored fire protection system (i.e. sprinkler or fire alarm)

    Resident has a personal medical alert device

    Building is monitored by a security system


Generally, one (1) Knox Box is appropriate for a structure or complex where multiple small buildings of a single business are in close proximity.

Multiple Knox Boxes (or other Knox devices, i.e. padlocks) may be necessary for larger complexes that have multiple entrances, multiple levels or large complex floor plans.


There are several models, colors and designs available.  In most commercial situations the 3200 series with lift-off doors is appropriate.  Larger models may be necessary if you have multiple keys or key cards.  For residential situations the 1500 series is appropriate.  For more information or to purchase a Knox Box visit 

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