Museum in the Streets

Museum in the Streets creates heritage discovery trails for the benefit of a community's inhabitants and tourists. Working closely with town historical societies, Museum in the Streets design free walking tours that foster a sense of historical identity, educate, encourage preservation of local historic sites and promote knowledge of stories, events and traditions. The historical panels, rich with local archival imagery, are installed in cities and towns around the United States and Europe.

Kennebunk's Museum in the Streets includes a series of 25 panels that makes up the tour, with rare photographs, documents and records of Kennebunk's history. They invite people to discover our unique story at their own pace, over the course of an afternoon, or several return visits. The panels were installed in the fall of 2012.

You can view the Kennebunk walking brochure for a self-guided tour. Copies of the brochure are also available in  Town Hall, the Kennebunk Free Library, the Brick Store Museum and at local businesses.

History Hopper App now available!

You can also learn more about Kennebunk's history by downloading the Brick Store Museum's History Hopper App! From harrowing encounters between settlers and Native Americans to shipwrecks, ghosts, U.S. Presidents and colorful characters, open the door to the Museum’s rich collection with your smartphone. Read the stories, visit where they happened, and relive the adventures of the past.


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