Kennebunk's LODDs

We honor the sacrifices of two of our own who died in the line of duty while serving with the Town of Kennebunk Fire Rescue Department.

Lindwood Tug Nedeau – Assistant Chief KFR Linwood J. “Tug” Nedeau died in the Line of Duty on October 16, 1974 at the age of 49 years old. Tug was driving his truck back of a fire engine for a fire in West Kennebunk when he died. He is buried at Hope Cemetery.  

Carl S. SpillerCarl S. SpillerJuly 16,1906 - October 19, 1951 
Carl S. Spiller was riding the rear tailboard of a Kennebunk Fire Engine responding to a fire when he fell from the Engine striking his head and was killed. This tragic event occurred on October 19th, 1951 and Firefighter Spiller was 45 years old. He is buried at Hope Cemetery.

Riding tailboard was commonplace until the early 1970’s when open cabs and the practice of riding tailboard were outlawed. Many unfortunate events like this paved the way for modern fire apparatus and stricter safety regulations.