Transfer Station Task Force


In 2016, funding was approved for improvements to the Public Services facility located at 36 Sea Road. The primary focus was on improved access to the site, circulation and renovations to the Public Services garage, administrative space and a vehicle wash bay. 

Additional, necessary improvements have been identified and are under design review by a team led by Sebago Technics. 

Part of the design review identified sevreal options for improvements to the site and each scenario has impacts both operationally and financially. The design team has sought guidance from the Town of kennebunk as to how to consider the Transfer Station in the various design options as the presence of the Transfer Station on the site influences many of the scenarios.

Public Services and Transfer Station

A Transfer Station Task Force was assembled in Janaury of 2021 to evaluate the impacts of the Transfer Station and how it relates to the design of the proposed improvements to the Public Services garage.

The facility is currently under review for upgrades and part of the evaluation is copmlicated by the current placement and operation of the Transfer Station, which is owned by the Town of Kennebunk, but operated under contract by CPRC Group of Scarborough, Maine, through 2025. 

  1. Public Services

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    36 Sea Rd.
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Purpose of Task Force

The Task Force is comprised of two members of the Select Board, two members of the public and Town Staff.  The Task Force began meeting in January 2021 and developed the following purpose statement: 

“The Transfer Station Task Force has been assembled by the Select Board to evaluate the current Transfer Station as it relates to the impacts of the development of the 36 Sea Road Facility.  This Task Force will focus its assessment on the impact to users, the operations of the facility, as well as identify the operational, financial and logistical impacts of the Transfer Station as a resource and its operation and location relative to the 36 Sea Road site.”