Town of Kennebunk - (207) 604-1366

  • The Kennector by ITNCountry provides an affordable transportation option for adults living in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel. The program is built on a classic neighbor-helping-neighbor model, powered by the kindness and generosity that exists in our three towns. All riders must register with The Kennector prior to scheduling a ride. FMI contact us at (207) 604-1366. 
  • KITT (Kennebunk In-Town Transportation) is made possible through a partnership between The Town of Kennebunk and York County Community Action Corporation (YCCAC). KITT provides an in-town bus route every Tuesday in Kennebunk, picking up riders at centralized stops and dropping off at various locations such as Hannaford, Shopper’s Village, Downtown and the Library. The KITT schedule is posted online. YCCAC advertises cancellations on the following news channels:
    1. Channel 6, News Center Maine NBC Portland
    2. Channel 8, WMTW ABC Auburn
    3. Channel 13, WGME CBS Portland

York County Community Action (YCCAC) - (207) 459-2932

YCCAC offers a range of transportation options throughout York County available to the general public and are equipped for people with disabilities. In Kennebunk, the following services are offered: 

  • Connect to Care provides transportation services to any resident needing assistance getting to cancer care at area facilities. 
  • Local Rides Shuttle will take residents to Biddeford for shopping and medical appointments every Wednesday. Riders must make a reservation in advance and are typically picked up at their homes with a return trip an hour or more later. You can view the detailed route information on YCCAC’s website. 
  • York County Veterans Ride Service helps veterans needing transportation to medical appointments. Reservations are required by calling YCCAC. 

 The Center -  (207) 967-8514

  • The Center, located at 175 Port Road in Lower Village, offers a volunteer driving transportation program called FISH (Friends in Service Helping). Volunteer drivers provide rides to Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel for medical appointments. Riders may use FISH when they have no other means (family, friends) of getting to an appointment. This service is not meant to handle repetitive appointments for life sustaining procedures or clients in wheelchairs. Drivers prefer morning and early morning appointments. All riders must register with the FISH Program prior to scheduling a ride.

 MaineCare Transportation Reimbursement 

  • MaineCare covers Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) for eligible members. You may get a ride to your MaineCare-covered appointment or have your ride reimbursed by MaineCare. Make sure to make an appointment at least two business days in advance and check that it is covered by MaineCare and approved by York County’s Transportation Broker: Modivcare (formerly LogistiCare). Modivcare will process ride requests via phone at (877) 659-1302 or submit a request online
Riders board the KITT
  1. Karen Winton

    Deputy Director of Community Development
    Phone: (207) 985-2102 ext. 1342

  2. Tabetha Barden

    Kennector Ride Coordinator

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