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Healthy Competitive Activities
About the Move to Win Program and Participants
The Move to Win Program has ended as of  December 20th. Thanks to all the participants!
FMI: 207-985-2102 x1341 or 
RESIDENTS! Find out how you can participate   BUSINESSES! Find out how you can participate!

Following the success of Walk To Win, Healthy Kennebunk presents Move To Win. Every week, participants who log in the most steps will be eligible to receive prizes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place categories. Not only have business employees participated, but Town Staff have too!.

Participants who register will be given a pedometer and t-shirt (while supplies last). Move to Win participants must report their steps on a weekly basis (Monday-Saturday) between October 20 and December 20 in order to be eligible to win prizes. Prizes will be awarded to those taking the most steps each week. Participants will be eligible to receive prizes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place categories. Random drawings will be held for multiple participants coming in for the same step category as follows:

1st Prize 75,000+ steps / 2nd Prize 41,000-74,999 steps / 3rd Prize for 10,000-40000 steps.   

We welcome non-Healthy Maine Street participants too! Just donate* $10 for a pedometer (while supplies last). We will throw in a free t-shirt (while supplies last). Purchase a pedometer here!
*Funds will go back into the Town's Healthy Maine Streets Program for future healthy related activities.

Move to Win Excel Tracking and Conversion excel sheet for tracking your steps and for converting physical activities into steps.

Monthly Calendars to track progress manually

Submit steps 
on-line or via email 

Weekly Results and Photos
Photos of Walk to Win participants / Successes of Walk to Win participants / Staff Successes 
Photos of  Move To Win participants / Successes of Move to Win participants / Staff Successes