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Curbside Collection Policy-Private Roads
                                                                    CURBSIDE COLLECTION POLICY
                                    FOR TRASH AND RECYCLING ON TOWN ROAD AND PRIVATE ROADS

Effective June 29, 2015, the Town of Kennebunk is implementing a new automated curbside collection program for solid waste (trash) and recycling with Pine Tree Waste Services, a Casella company.

Collection on Town Roads
Trash and recycling containers placed for collection shall be located as close to the curb or paved portion of the Town street or road as possible but shall not be placed within the paved portion of the street/road or right-of-way. The following also applies:
  • All containers must have the front (serial #) of the container facing the street/road.
  • Keep containers on a hard, level surface clear of snow and other landscaping debris and no more than 6’ from edge of curb.
  • Please allow containers a 3’ perimeter of clearance from obstructions such as parked cars, trees, mailboxes, and utility poles. There must also be a 15’ overhead clearance from any low hanging tree branches or power lines, etc.
  • If you have more than one container placed at the curb, please set them side by side with at least 1’ of clearance between the containers.

Collection on Private Roads
Residents on private roads must take their trash out to the intersecting public road and placed for collection as described above.

The new program allows for the potential to have trash and recycling collection performed on private roads by the Town’s contractor, Pine Tree Waste Services/Casella.

In order to have Pine Tree/Casella travel onto a private road, that private road must meet the following criteria: 
  • The road must have a turn around so the trash and recycling trucks can turn around and not have to back in or back out of the road.
  • The road needs to have proper construction so it can support the heavy trash and recycling trucks.
  • The trash and recycling vehicles must be able to travel the road safely (no pot holes, etc.) without causing damage to the vehicles.
  • The road must be cleared wide enough so that the trash and recycling trucks are not hit by branches.
  • In addition, the homeowners’ association or the individual property owners will need to sign a waiver relieving Pine Tree/Casella of any liability associated with any damage that may be caused by the trash and recycling trucks in the course of their normal operations.

If you would like to discuss having collection trucks go onto your private road, please contact Pine Tree/Casella at 888-857-0800 to see if your road qualifies for this service.

Pine Tree/Casella reserves the right to make the final decision regarding private road collection. 

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